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By Yuri Michael on September 8, 2016

Blogger. Secular-Humanist. Believes in individual freedoms and Democracy.

The common people are sick of the Angela Merkels of this world, sick of being told that other people know what's best for them, sick of being lied to and made second-class citizens in their own countries, sick of the EU lording it over the peoples of Europe, sick of corruption, lies, high taxes and low wages, and sick of being over-run by immigrants. By what right do the politicians tell immigrants that they have a 'right' to come to Europe and take jobs, housing, and eduational places away from the indigenous populations, making services more expensive, housing lists longer, medical waiting lists longer, and everything more expensive? Why should Europeans taxes subsidise economic migrants unemployment payments when their economy is struggling to cope with previous committments? I hope this is the beginning of the end for Merkel and the EU.

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