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By Dev Achmed on September 7, 2016

It's nice not to live in fear. That's part of the goal. Not being afraid of what's happening to you.

It is not merely that Marxist socialists are history’s most prodigious mass murderers; it is that, like their siblings in atrocity, the National Socialists, they are mass murderers as a matter of confirmed moral principle.

Although socialists are quick to recall rights-violating aspects of American history in their condemnation of capitalism, this is absurdly dishonest. Yes, Americans perpetrated slavery, brutally persecuted blacks throughout the Jim Crow-era, and have committed other injustices. But these moral crimes were in overt violation of their own principles of each individual’s inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For the Americans to obviate the injustices they perpetrated, they needed not to change their principles but to consistently live by them.

Marxists are another matter.

Given their explicit imperative to annihilate class enemies, marxists perpetrate murderous atrocities as an inalterable result of enacting their fundamental principles. For them to relinquish the bludgeon of brutality and to embrace civilized coexistence would require renouncing the principle of unremitting class warfare—that is, it would require repudiating Marxism. Until and unless marxists are willing to do that, the murders they commit, the murderers they excuse, and the other crimes they perpetrate are both consistent with and necessitated by their foundational precepts.

Marty Alston Soviet's failure has nothing to do with Marx. They were not true Marxists.

Dev Achmed @Marty Alston marxism is based on class warfare, Soviets did just that.

Robocap 143 Marx said nothing of dictatorship tho.

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